Friday, December 12, 2008

Paperbark swamp


Abundance oozes
Overloading eye and brain
Blood sucking leeches.

Noble Note is enclosed by a gully to the south which falls gently from one water-bird refuge through another,
draining eventually into the new dam. To the north of the home-paddock runs a creek through which I
straggled lost in mine own company but muttering "small footprint; remember, small footprint".
Photographed near Freeman's Waterhole on the way to Cessnock, NSW.


Ann said...

Beautiful place, where is it?

Virginia said...

OH so lovely. The color, the texture, the details. What you do best Julie. I will say I miss your hikus, but the otherpoetry you add is wonderful as well.

Virginia said...

Julie, I fiddled with my comments settings and somehow lost yours today. Didn't want you to think I deleted it intentionally!

Virginia said...

Make that haiku. I couldn't stand it misspelled. Sorry. Hste makes waste.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I love paperbarks ... but harking back to the issue of weeds we were discussing in my blog .. I remember doing a boat trip on the Everglades in Florida and they were complaining bitterly about the Australian paperbarks which were taking over their swamp.