Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sydney and the bush

by Les Murray
When Sydney and the Bush first met
there was no open ground
and men and girls, in chains and not,
all made an urgent sound.
Then convicts bled and warders bred,
and Bush went back and back,
and men of Fire and of Earth
became White men and Black.
When Sydney ordered lavish books
and warmed her feet with coal
the Bush came skylarking to town
and gave poor folk a soul.
Then bushmen sank and factories rose
and warders set the tone -
the Bush, in quarter-acre blocks
helped families hold their own.
When Sydney and the Bush meet now
there is antipathy
and fashionable suburbs float
at night far out to sea.


JM said...

Beautiful nature shots and colours/tones! Love them all as well as the lay-out of your post. Very well done!

Ann said...

I love the way you've done that - how did you do it?

Joan Elizabeth said...

Such a lovely original way to focus on an interesting poem.