Saturday, December 27, 2008

A foggy day in Sydney town

Swathed in fog, the eastern suburbs of Sydney were breathtaking this morning. Set aglow periodically by a struggling sun, the city was eerie when viewed from Redfern and even Moore Park Golf Links made me appreciate the delicateness of the natural world even in the midst of the city and heavily crafted by man.

As the morning progressed, Dad and I enjoyed the swathed view of Manly from Parsley Bay and then together experienced the exhilarating drive from Watsons Bay along Military Road to Bondi, with the on-shore breezes blowing gusts of fog up the cliffs and across the road before wafting up once more to the atmosphere.

A magical morning ...


Anonymous said...

All of us camera buffs are like that aren't we? I smile from my bed when I see it foggy out, thinking of the sweet pictures I'll get.

Julie said...

Indeed, Joan: it is our little sniggardley secret! Taking photographs has awakened me to the delicate beauties that I hitherto had taken for granted.